A Message To All
Imams, Islamic Centers Leaders and Lecturers in Southern California and the US

Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Chairman

The Islamic Shura (Consultative) Council of Southern California
The Umbrella Organization Representing Over 50 Islamic Centers and Organizations in S. California
Serving Over 500,000 Muslims

As we reflect on America one year after the horrific events of September 11, 2002 the whole world and America will be watching us, the Muslims in America and the World, and listening to what we say one year later. As you know, most newspapers, TV & Radio commentators and even a few of our uninformed brothers and sisters have been asking WHERE ARE THE MUSLIMS? WHY DO NOT THEY COME OUT AND DENOUNCE TERRORISM?

We should not blame these voices. We should follow the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) "Almighty God, forgive them because they do not know" This means that we should:

1. Invest our time, efforts and energy to communicate what we Muslims believe in and express
our clear and uncompromising position on Terrorism.

2. Emphasize our respect and adherence to the constitution of our land America and the laws of the land.

3. Show our sincere and genuine sadness for the loss of lives of all people, ethnicities and faiths.

4. Attend as many events as possible that commemorate the sad events of September 11th every where in our communities. We strongly recommend that our sisters participate in these events as they carry the flag of Islam; the hijab.

5. Stress the spiritual aspect of our faith and touch people's hearts with a good English translation of our du'aa. Try to invite yourself to deliver that du'aa in English. In fact experience has shown that the average American citizen is deeply touched by a good translation of our sincere Muslim du'aa.

6. Plan our speaking engagements and Khutbas to focus on the following points:

6.1. The Loss on September 11th was an American Loss and the Violation of our peace is for all Americans and that includes the American Muslims.

6.2. Islam and the sources of Islam (The Holy Qur'aan, the Sunnah, the Seerah and Islamic History) condemn the killing of the innocent and the Qur'aan reveals that " As God Revealed to Moses and all the Prophets that those who waste one human life is as if he/she wasted and violated the lives of the whole humanity."

6.3. Muslims have come out at all levels to condemn what happened on September 11th, 2001 and is against terrorism of all kinds.

6.4. The September 11th Events have given the Muslim Community a new energy to go out and share their faith with the rest of America. The American Muslim Community is grateful to Almighty God for the kindness, generosity and caring of their American neighbors, co-workers, friends and leaders for opening their arms to protect them in the difficult days after September 11th.

6.5. The September 11th Events have helped bring Americans of All Faiths together through active and meaningful interfaith communications, dialogues, neighborhood meetings and family contacts. These developments will certainly bring a better future to an America that is Judeo-Christian-Islamic in vision and in the way of life.

6.6. We regret the unfortunate ill-informed reaction of a very small faction America. Specifically,
of some of the un-informed leaders like Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. Pat Robertson and the leaders of the Southern Baptist Conference who wanted to use the horrific events to attack Islam, God (who is the God of All including Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and Prophet Muhammad (s). We will forgive them but we shall spend our efforts to start a sincere dialogue to educate those who are uneducated. We strongly recommend that you waste no opportunity to tell your friends about the overwhelming involvement of the Christian right in the White House at the highest level (Ralph Reed, Prime Strategist of Mr. George W. Bush), the Department of Justice and the Pentagon in addition to the thousands of middle and lower level positions in the Federal Government that are occupied by the Right Wing Fanatics. These groups are not only fanatics against Muslims but also against other Christians including The Catholics, and other Churches and other faiths.

7. Never compromise our values as Muslim Believers in order to please others. We are out to please Allah by doing what is right, by always saying the truth, by being courteous and accommodating to others of other faiths and by being respectful and sensitive to others.


Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Chairman 1-626-255-2181

From Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Chairman
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California
(These Views are My Personal Views)

Guiding Notes For All Muslims , This is the Time to Go Out, Talk &
Communicate with Others


The Evil Attacks on our Land, America, on 9/11/01 has been hard on all Americans and especially American Muslims and on our children. PLEASE DO NOT HIDE. Go out and share with others your real feelings of sadness and condemnation.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DISCUSS THESE POINTS, IF YOU LIKE, WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Especially, those of our children who are born in America. Many of them are confused and asking: "Is This Islam?."

I am confident that Allah will bring us, Muslim Americans, safe and more confident. I am sure, because this is Allah's promise that this event will be the catalyst that will make real Islam come out to all as we witnessed during the 1980's and 1990's from the hostage crisis days to the Salman Rushdi episode & the Gulf war. Inshaa Allah. IT ALL WILL DEPEND ON US MUSLIMS.

Remember that we cannot hide. Remember that all of us (regardless of how committed and practicing Muslims we are) looked at as Muslims.

Please Read The Following and share with others on your list:

1. Historic Facts:

1.1. Every religion has its misguided fanatics:
WWII and the Stalin/Hitler era witnessed over 20 million killed.
The many massacres of innocent people around the world.
The Mao Tse Tong Cultural Revolution,
The killing of President Kennedy, the assassination attempt on President Reagan's life and the many school mass killings in America, and
The Japanese gas attacks on the "bullet train",
were NOT done by Muslims. They were perpetrated by non- Muslim fanatics.

1.2. Committing Suicide is one of the WORST SINS in Islam. Life is the property of God- Allah.

1.3. Muslim History from the time of Prophet Muhammad (S) to all his following guided leaders (Khalifah) followed a strict ethics for war :
War is waged to DEFEND not only the Muslims but the oppressed.
Muslim soldiers are only allowed to engaged armed forces.
Muslim soldiers are NOT ALLOWED to attack civilians, senior citizens, women, children, plants, trees and animals. They are strictly forbidden to even approach sanctuaries of faiths of any religion.
2. We Are Honored to be Americans of the Muslim Faith:

In America, we Muslims were given the Citizenship and equal treatment in education, jobs, raising our children and in achieving prosperity. We enjoy dealing with our decent God loving Americans of other faiths as neighbors and coworkers. We grieve and feel sad for what happened like any fellow American.

3. Sisters Who Wear the Hijab - The Identity Carriers of Islam: (Share with Your Children)

Never feel intimidated by any one. We are proud of your courage and dedication. You are the flags of Islam and the Muslims. Allah and We know the kind of pressure you are facing. This is not the first time. It happened before and Allah - God saved us and you are setting new standards in decency and respect of the body and the soul for all ladies in the world. Please consider the following tips:
(for an excellent detailed inventory of these tips, please visit:

3.1. Act and Behave with the confidence we all have seen displayed by our Muslim ladies because of their firm
belief in Allah - God.

3.2. Travel in Groups, Be Aware of Your Surroundings, Change your normal travel schedule

3.3. Buy a cellular telephone and store important contact numbers on it like your husband,
relatives, best friends and 911.

3.4. If you use Public Transportation please use an aisle seat in the crowded section of the
vehicle and please sit close to the driver in case the vehicle is not crowded.

3.5. Do not drive alone if possible. If you have to, then go with another person. Lock your car
and shut your windows. Park your car in well lit areas. Always look around and into your car
before you get in.

3.6. Use the elevators and not the stairs. If you are studying in the library make sure that you are
with others around you.

3.7. Do NOT OPEN the door of your house without checking who is knocking. Keep a wireless
phone in your hands.

4. At Home, Neighborhood, Work, University, College &/or School: (for a detailed excellent outline, (please visit: and )

4.1. Express your honest feelings about what happened. This is not the time to engage in
joining this event with other unjust events that concern us Muslims. DO NOT ARGUE. BE
POLITE & PEACEFUL. People do not know us & do not know Islam. If you fail, keep trying. The
Prophet (s) said: "Oh Allah Forgive my people...they do not know" and he said "I was not sent
to curse people but I was sent to teach people how to attain excellence in their manners."

4.2. Call and Visit your neighbors and if you are good at speaking out, try to visit their church,
temple or place of worship and meet the leader of the group.

4.3. Recommend to your city mayor, your boss, the neighborhood church or temple that they start a joint prayers
service of all faiths, blood donation drives and money collection for the victims' families.Take a leading role in
serving sincerely with SELF DENIAL.

4.4. Recognize the many Muslim Community members that died in the sad events and those who are serving as
medical doctors, nurses, volunteers, policepersons, armed forces personnel and even shopkeepers who donated their goods to the efforts in New York City.

FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MAKE A CONCENTRATED DU'AA (SUPPLICATION). Never underestimate the power of du'aa. You do not need a special language or format for du'aa. Allah accepts ALL and listens to all languages. HE IS THE LISTENER(Al-Samee').

May Allah bless us all here in our land AMERICA
Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Chairman - Islamic Shura Council of S. California

© 2003 Dr. Imam Yahia Adbul Rahman Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.