Dr.  Yahia Abdul Rahman, Ph.D

It was in 1968, during a period when the Islamic infrastructure of the U.S. was in its nascent stages that Dr. Yahia Khairy Abdul Rahman came to the United States from Cairo, Egypt. While he would later go on to be a key figure in the building of the emerging Muslim community in the U.S., upon his arrival here, he set about to complete his education, subsequently earning both a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a master's degree in International Management and Finance from the University of Texas- Dallas.

Over the last few decades  Dr. Yahia has led a distinguished career in the world of banking and finance. This includes having been a member of the Founding Board of Directors of a U.S. bank in Houston, Texas and Chairman of the Resources International Corporation, also in Houston. In 1987, he founded the American Finance House- LARIBA in Pasadena, California. Specializing in interest-free lending, the American Finance House is among the most respected names in finance in the world and is frequently profiled in the domestic and international media. In the United States, as well as nations like Malaysia and Bahrain,  Dr. Yahia has delivered key addresses at major International Islamic Finance Forums.

As a devout Muslim,  Dr. Yahia Khairy Abdul Rahman's presence in the Islamic community has been every bit as significant. A former President of the Islamic Association of North Texas and Finance Chairman of the Islamic Center of Southern California, most recently he served as the Elected Chairperson of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California- representing almost sixty Islamic Centers and over 500,000 Muslims. The founder of numerous Muslim community centers and schools throughout the United States and Canada, he also lectures and delivers khutbas (sermons) across the nation.

For over a generation,  Dr. Yahia Khairy Abdul Rahman has educated Muslims and non-Muslims alike on how the integration of the divine teaching of Islam into our lives provides the greatest of benefits and blessings.

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