From Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Chairman
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California
(These Views are My Personal Views)

Guiding Notes For All Muslims , This is the Time to Go Out & Talk & Communicate with Other

The Evil Attacks on our Land, America, on 9/11/01 has been hard on all Americans and especially American Muslims and on our children. PLEASE DO NOT HIDE. Go out and share with others your real feelings of sadness and condemnation.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DISCUSS THESE POINTS, IF YOU LIKE, WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Especially, those of our children who are born in America. Many of them are confused and asking: "Is This Islam?."

I am confident that Allah will bring us, Muslim Americans, safe and more confident. I am sure, because this is Allah's promise that this event will be the catalyst that will make real Islam come out to all as we witnessed during the 1980's and 1990's from the hostage crisis days to the Salman Rushdi episode & the Gulf war. Inshaa Allah. IT ALL WILL DEPEND ON US MUSLIMS.

Remember that we cannot hide. Remember that all of us (regardless of how committed and practicing Muslims we are) are looked at as Muslims.

© 2003 Dr. Imam Yahia Adbul Rahman Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.